The nose is the gateway to our breathing passages and protects our lungs. A healthy nose filters the air retaining particles as small as a pollen grain, humidifies the air we breathe and warms cold air to body temperature before the air enters our lungs. In cold, flu and allergies, accompanied by nasal congestion or runny nose, these nasal functions are impaired. Quixx® relieves nasal congestion, helps to restore normal nasal functions and improves nasal breathing.

Quixx® is a hypertonic nasal spray (salt concentration is equivalent to approx. 26 g NaCl per litre). It contains natural sea water from the Atlantic Ocean with valuable minerals and trace elements.

Quixx® is a natural aid for congested nasal cavities and blocked sinuses as well as for soothing the sensitive nasal mucous membrane, which is especially important for the maintenance of a healthy respiratory system.

Therefore, Quixx® helps to restore nasal functions, resulting in a reduced risk of complications (sinusitis, otitis) and improved breathing.

QUIXX®, nasal spray 30 ml

  • effectively relieves nasal and sinus congestion due to colds, flu or allergies
  • actively cleanses the nasal passages
  • moisturises the nasal mucous membrane

Main advantages of nasal spray QUIXX®:

  • suitable for infants aged 6 months and over, pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers
  • contains only natural ingredients
  • free from preservatives
  • does not cause habituation
  • safe in long-term use
  • no interactions in combination with other medicine